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Fantasy was founded in 1984 through the support and partnering of Byron (Rick) Morgan (deceased) by fourth generation Washingtonian Frank Jones III.  Originally formed to meet a need for a service to the Kennebec Condominium Association located in Takoma Park, Maryland.  Its origination came by the way of replacing poor service of landscaping provisions being served to a ten unit condominium association. 

The organization eventually evolved into a special event organization that offered opportunities for young clients and groups to express their voice through social events that included fashion, cosmetology, art and social media design.  Fantasy has developed, arranged and coordinated diverse events from fashion shows, hair shows and competitions to Caribbean cruises, group vacations and retirements.  Events have traveled as far as St Martins Antilles, Anguilla to Santiago and Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.  We continue to offer an array of specialize events geared towards mature adults.

Fantasy has very specialize service skills developed through work and training with major notable service organizations which includes but are not limited to The Hyatt Regency Hotel Corporations, Marriott Corporation (Shoney’s), United States Army both as an Active duty service member (Veteran) and as a 31 year Retired civilian, and The Disney Corporation.  Frank Jones III the Founder, President/CEO has over 37 years of experience providing both public and private quality service to clients including 31 years to our military service members, most notably our Wounded Warriors. Please click the links below for more detailed background information and achievements.

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